Ultimate Customization

Through our program suggestions, you will discover the essentials of a destination. All our proposals are only suggestions, the possibilities of itineraries and services are endless. We also know how to start from a blank page and write down the steps one by one to create a truly exclusive trip for each of our clients. The tailor-made trip is not always based on a destination, but also on what you want to experience, and with whom. It is not an itinerary that we develop, but an ideal scenario that offers you to live a unique experience. Imagine and let us create your ideal trip…


For each travel project, a personalized preliminary interview is recommended, in order to get to know each other, to better understand your project, your expectations, your desires of the moment, your constraints, your budget. Our role is to listen and understand your travel idea. We develop a first proposal, a first draft in a way, which will then be refined as desired, according to your comments, our suggestions, your questions...


Until your departure, your advisor remains fully available for any information, to answer all your questions, or to adjust your trip if necessary. About two to three weeks before departure, we give you your fully personalized travel diary with all the necessary elements and information. Your program day by day of course, emergency numbers, good addresses, technical information...


We obviously remain reachable 24/24h – 7/7d during your trip if necessary. When you return, we will not fail to contact you to have your impressions, take note of your remarks….

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