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Discover the cultural essence and striking modernity of Asia on our China and Hong Kong tour package. Immerse yourself in China's millennia-old history by exploring iconic sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army of Xi'an. Experience the excitement of urban life in Shanghai, where illuminated skyscrapers rub shoulders with ancient temples. In Hong Kong, let yourself be swept away by the vibrant energy of this cosmopolitan city, with its bustling markets, delicious cuisine and breathtaking views from Victoria Peak. A journey that promises total immersion in the cultural richness and fascinating diversity of China and Hong Kong.

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Welcome to China. Transfer to the hotel. At the start of the evening, to familiarize ourselves with the city, we offer a transfer to Wangfujing Street, a lively pedestrian and shopping street with many shops and restaurants. Dinner included and return to the hotel.

Day 2: Shanghai

In the morning, our trip includes a tour of this impressive city. We will know that the Pudong district, located on the other side of the Huangpu River, is today the financial district, with its skyscrapers like the Pearl Tower. We include a ferry crossing of the Shanghai River which will give us great views of both parts of the city. We will stroll through the old town and Yuyuan Garden, a private garden built during the Ming Dynasty. We will attend a demonstration of the tea ceremony, a traditional drink that plays an important cultural role in China. We will pass through one of the most fashionable districts of the capital, Xintiandi. Lunch included. Next, visit Tianzifang, an old residential area known for its traditional narrow, labyrinthine streets with small craft shops and art galleries. We end the visit along the Bund with its ancient buildings which recall the influence of European trade. Free afternoon. If you want, you can enjoy a boat trip to see Shanghai at night, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Day 3: Shanghai-Luoyang

Transfer to the station. We take the high-speed train (a train is due to leave at 7:17 a.m.) and in just over five hours, through many stretches of pretty countryside, we travel the 1,000km to LUOYANG. Lunch included. We see the impressive LONGMEN Buddhist Caves along more than a kilometer of river rock walls, where more than 100,000 Buddha images have been carved. We will include a boat trip. After that, transfer to the ancient city, where we will pass through its impressive walls and enjoy the great traditional activity and its illuminated streets.

Day 4: Luoyang- White Horse Monastery -Sanmexia- Xian

In the early morning, on the outskirts of Luoyang, we visit the WHITE HORSE BUDDHIST MONASTERY, a huge monastery and place of study where Buddhists from all countries of the world live. We continue our journey towards SANMEXIA. In this historic city we will see the Yellow River and the Baoulon Temple with its high pagoda and we will visit one of the best museums in China: the Guo Museum with the funeral carriages of the ancient state of Guo. Lunch included. We continue east passing the foot of Mount Hua, a sacred mountain. XIAN, arriving late afternoon.

Day 5: Xian

We arrived in the fascinating city where the Silk Road was born. In the morning, we will go see the TERRACOTA ARMY, with its thousands of life-size clay soldiers found underground. We return to XIAN, where we will visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda where we will enjoy a brief Chinese calligraphy lesson. Later, we cross the fortified center. We will cross the Muslim quarter and enter the mosque, where we will be able to see the multiple cultures and religions that have marked this country. Our tour will also include entry tickets to the Drum Tower where we will watch a short performance of traditional instruments. Free time.-

Day 6: Xian-Chengdu

We leave Xian in a very modern high-speed train, and in just over three hours we cover the 700 km that separate us from CHENGDU. Upon arrival, we will go to the Panda Bear Research and Breeding Center, a reserve where 120 giant pandas and 76 red pandas live. Lunch included. In the afternoon, we will walk in the People's Park, with its small lake, the locals practicing Taichi and its tea rooms.

Day 7: Chengdu- Dujiangyan- Qingcheng Shan- Jiezi- Chengdu

Today we include a full-day tour of Sichuan province, with its pleasant landscapes and traditional villages. In DUJIANGYAN, we see the traditional irrigation system, which has been operating for over 2000 years and is a world heritage site. QUINGCHENG SHAN, “Green City Mountain” is a sacred Taoist mountain. Its trails through the forests show us caves, pavilions and century-old wooden temples, lunch included. Finally, we will visit the ancient town of JIEZI with its alleys with more than a thousand years of history. Return to CHENGDU.

Day 8: Chengdu- Miao Village- Zhaoxing

We will travel by train, we get up early (our train leaves at 7:38 a.m.) and we have to cover almost a thousand kilometers in just over five and a half hours in the middle of magnificent mountain landscapes (picnic lunch on the train). When we arrive in Congjiang, we find ourselves in a magnificent and little-known region of China inhabited by ethnic minorities. We see the BASHA MIAO Village in the forest, with its wooden houses. They are the only ethnicity allowed to carry firearms, as they were traditional bear hunters. We continue to ZHAOXING, the most important town of the Dong minority, a magnificent place with its more than 800 traditional houses; many say it is the most beautiful city in China. Accommodation.

Day 9: Zhaoxing- Guangxiao- Chengyang- Longsheng- Guilin

Today you will make one of the most beautiful and exciting stops of your journey. GUANGXIAO, among the astonishing villages of the Dong ethnic group with its beautiful wooden architecture, this charming town frozen in time is rarely visited by international tourism; we will see its suspension bridge, the drum tower and the opera house. We also stop at CHENGYANG, with its magnificent “wind and rain bridge”. Lunch included. In LONGSHENG, we will go to LONJI rice fields, a world heritage site. A small bus will take us to the viewpoints and you can explore an area along paths between rice fields and magnificent landscapes. After that we continue towards GUILIN - Arrival late in the afternoon.

Day 10: Guilin

A full day in GUILIN, one of the most popular cities in China with a very pleasant atmosphere by its lake, on the banks of the Li River, and with its lively shopping streets in the center. We include a visit to the Grotte des Flûtes de Canne, a magnificent cave in which there are numerous stalactites and stalagmites with fantastic shapes and lit in beautiful colors, creating a spectacular world in the bowels of the earth. Free afternoon, we suggest you visit Jingjiang Palace, the “miniature forbidden city”. Accommodation.

Day 11: Guilin- Cruise on the Li River- Yangshuo- Huangyao - Guangzhou

We will leave Guilin by boat and take a cruise on the Li River. The countryside is spectacular with its green mountains, villages on the banks, amazing rocks and amazingly shaped peaks. Lunch included. We arrive in YANGSHUO, a very lively tourist town. A stroll before continuing through central China to the HUANGYAO countryside; this ancient city is beautifully preserved with its small streets, its old buildings, its temples. The life and activity of its inhabitants will also take us to another era. Time for a walk. We continue our journey towards GUANGZHOU - Arrival at the end of the day

Day 12: Guangzhou- Zhuhai- Macau

Guangzhou, we include a two-hour tour of this thriving metropolis in southern China; we will walk along Shangiaxju Street with its traditional market, see the late 19th century Chen clan house and explore the riverside area. Free time and lunch included. In the afternoon we travel to ZHUHAI on the China Sea; we stop next to the impressive Opera built on land reclaimed from the sea, opened in 2016 and whose impressive shape symbolizes the sun and the moon. CROSSING THE BORDER and entering MACAU, where we see the casino district, many of which are in the same style as those of Las Vegas. Their activity is impressive.
VERY IMPORTANT: If you are returning to mainland China on your trip after your stay in Macau and Hong Kong, you need a double entry visa.

Day 13: Macau-Hong Kong

Macau. We include a tour of the city whose historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site. Administered by the Portuguese from the 16th century until 1999, its history is found in its ancient churches, the tiles of civil buildings, its fortress and the oldest lighthouse in China. Free time and lunch included. In the afternoon, we take the impressive bridge that connects Hong Kong to Macau. Inaugurated at the end of 2018, it is an engineering feat with more than 30 kilometers of bridges over the China Sea, 6 kilometers of tunnels under the sea and artificial islands; we will stop at its tourist platform to admire this work. HONG KONG – Arrival. After our accommodation, we will take the Star ferry, crossing Hong Kong Bay by boat to enjoy a short walk to see the illuminated buildings on the other shore. Return to our hotel area. Dinner included. Accommodation.

Note: If there are less than 12 people in the group, travel from Macau to Hong Kong can be done by shuttle bus.

Day 14: Hong Kong

After breakfast, we will tour the city to see the financial center with its tall skyscrapers, and we will visit the History Museum which enlightens us on the history of the city (colonial period, world war, etc.) the avenue des Etoiles passing by the quay, which shows us the celebrities of the cinema industry. We will take the Star ferry across Hong Kong Bay and take a bus ride to Victoria Peak (552m) with a view of the entire city. Return to Peak Tram. After our visit, free afternoon.

Day 15: Hong Kong

After breakfast, end of our services


  • Bus trip with English-speaking guide, basic travel insurance and buffet breakfast.
  • Arrival transfer included
  • Excursion: Dujiangyan, Quingcheng Shan Mountain and the ancient town of Jiezi in Chengdu, the Reed Flute Cave.
  • Boat: Longmen Boat Trip, Quingcheng Shan Mountain Boat Trip in Chengdu, Li River Cruise.
  • City tour of: Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong.
  • Evening transfer: Luoyang Old Town, Hong Kong Bay to Hong Kong.
  • Entrance tickets: Yuyuan Garden and Tea Ceremony Demonstration in Shanghai, White Horse Temple in Luoyang, Longmen Buddhist Grottoes in Longmen, Baoulon Temple, Guo Museum in Sanmexia, Terracota Army Museum, Small Pagoda of the Wild Goose, Chinese calligraphy class, mosque, traditional instrument playing show in the Drum Tower (not always guaranteed) in Xian, Traditional irrigation system in Dujiangyan, Sacred Mountain of Quingcheng Shan in Chengdu, Village Miao Basha, Dong Zhaoxing Ethnic Village, Dong Guangxiao Ethnic Village, Wind Bridge in Chengyang, Rice Fields in Longsheng, Reed Flute Cave, Huangyao Ancient Town in Huangyao, Chen Clan House in Guangzhou, History Museum in Hong Kong .
  • Ferry: Huangpu River in Shanghai, Star ferry in Hong Kong Bay.
  • Funicular: Quingcheng Shan Mountain in Chengdu, Peak Tram (one way) in Hong Kong.
  • High-speed train: Shanghai - Luoyang, Chengdu - Congjiang.
  • 11 Lunches or dinners included: Shanghai, Luoyang, Sanmexia, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengyang, Cruise on the Li River, Guan gzhou, Macao, Hong Kong.
  • Return plane ticket.
  • Drinks during Meals.
  • Tips for guides and drivers (Required)
  • Extra in hotel rooms (tel, Mini-Bar, Room-service, etc.)
  • Return transfer from Athens hotel to airport
  • Any service not mentioned in the program.
  • VISA fees

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Vietnam, Cambodia


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Very Good
Escapes Without Borders
Osama Selami
The impeccable organization of the ESF agency allowed us to discover China and Hong Kong without any worries. Meetings with local residents added an authentic dimension to this unforgettable experience.
Escapes Without Borders
Younes Otmane
Wonder at every step, this trip was a total immersion in East Asia. An experience not to be missed for those who wish to visit Asia.
Escapes Without Borders
Oumaima Britel
Breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine and fascinating culture. I am totally satisfied with this trip with ESF and if the opportunity arises I will do it again with you Inshae-Allah.
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